HC Telecommunications

The NJK will be using the more advanced "Voice over Internet Protocol" (VoIP) phone system (as opposed to the current phone system in use today). In essence this is a phone system that communicates in packets as computers do thus using much less bandwidth. It is a more efficient system and less demanding in terms of materials. (See here for more info about VoIP).

Numbering plan
When it comes to establishing a phone number format, each country is free to choose a format which best fits their need. This "need" is determined most times by geographic layout and location.

Sample Country Telephone Numbering Plans

Similarly an HC’s numbering format for local numbers will be determined by it’s the township layout. It will be in a four-four format, e.g., "4275-3168". It is intended to be a simple, straightforward system. The first four digits represent the township number (1000-9999) (township numbers appear in the detailed HC Map) and the next three represent the house or building number within that township (001-999). A provision is made in the final digit to have personal lines within a house or a building ranging from the number 0-9 with "0" being the locations general or central number.

NJK Numbering Range
NJK Telephone Numbering Plan

Sample NJK Reference/Phone Number
Sample HC/NJK Telephone (and Reference) Number

For ease of communications the telephone numbering plan will be made to include most (if not all) numerical addresses. This system will be known as the "reference address system" and will come to include " IP addresses" for computer communications (e.g., emails), house addresses (postal mailing), cellular phones, among others

See in the HC Map for the projected HC & Township Reference Numbers
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May 28, 2008