HC Utilities

HC Computer Network
To make an HC’s day to day operation very functional and efficient, there will be an very important computer network infrastructure which will essentially link all needed and possible systems throughout the HC. Due to it’s restriction to the HC/NJK only, it will be known as an "Intranet" system, separate from the Internet (World Wide Web). The entire system from Home Home Networks Networks to Localized (HC) to NJK networks (the latter two would be technically known respectively as, Local and Wide Area Networks [LAN & WAN]) will have Ultra High Speed, fiber optic "piping". (With a (glass) fiber optic wire being between - microns in diameter [I micron=1 micrometer =.000001 meters], the entire network will require somewhere between - kg (- lbs) of materials).

How Fiber Optic Internet works

On-Demand Service
The network will provide various service conveniences including "on-demand" NJK produced or rights owned Audio/Video media and computer software programs. This means that instead of e.g., buying a hardcopy of a media or software, one will simply "stream" a copy of it (at high transfer speed) from a local server. Therefore PC’s will also function as a network terminal and will require less personal storage space (e.g, hard drive storage). All of this will help to reduce the need of both natural and human resources.

February 23, 2017