HC Vehicles

Energy Transportation
The choice of tranportation energy for an HC vehicle is currently between batteries (Lithium Ion) and/or compressed air systems. (See examples of "air-powered" cars here). While batteries are the most efficient mode of storing and transporting electrical energy, compressed air offers the significant advantages of being very simple technological-wise by having less to no need of valuable, non-renewable minerals and materials (e.g., Lithium) and easy, and relatively fast, refills. A Hybrid combination of both technologies is also possible.

Energy Consumption Budget
Much like economics today comes make most people have a gasoline expense budget, there will be an annual fuel energy consumption limit for personal vehicles. This limit will be firmly determined later on as actual energy data are considered but currently it is estimated, (taking into consideration the ready availability of common transportation and an HC’s size boundary limits) that on average one automobile will travel about km/year ( mi/yr) and a moped: km/yr ( mi/yr). May 28, 2008