Personal Transportation

The HC has plans to have one automobile per household. Currently this works out to about total automobiles for the HC. The HC’s extensive common transportation network will be sufficient to cover other transportation needs.

With each of these vehicles being entitled to professional lifetime maintenance and service and with the advance in automotive technology, it is conceivable that these vehicles could last 15 to 20 years.

A recent revolutionary development in the automotive industry, namely the GM Hy-wire concept car, which combines, drive-by-wire, car-body exchangeability (along with fuel cell power technology) will eventually (when patents or licensing permits) be implemented in the HC/NJK automobile industry. The drive-by-wire technology will significantly reduce the use of raw materials as the work that used to be done by mechanical/hydraulic systems is replaced by electronics and other smaller components.

The car body-exchangeability will mean that one will not have to have the same type of car for the life of the car’s powertrain system.

Mopeds & Bicycles
An allowance of one personal vehicle per household will mean that young people who are of driving age will not have their own car. Instead they will be entitled to a moped or a and/or a bicycle, as well as, of course, access to common transportation. May 28, 2008