HC Safety

Zero Crime
Since the HC is a community of Christian who are "born from above" (John 3:3- literal translation; see NRSV), crime fighting and prevention will not be anticipated. This means that security items such as alarms, window bars, anti-theft devices, and probably most, if not all locking devices, etc will not be needed in the HC. If that sounds impossible, just remember the not so distant past days when such devices were not used or not needed in many neighborhoods of society. The HC/NJK will be making a return to these days and beyond. If ever there is a policing task to be done, it will be assigned to previously trained members of a non-standing police. Economically, the absence of a default need for crime fighting and prevention will result in a significant reduction of resource needs.

Importance of a 100% Truly Christian City?

How important is it for the NJK's Holy City to be a 100% ("born from above") Christian City? The City of Sao Paulo, Brazil (named by its founding Jesuit Priest after the apostle Paul) is not only one of the largest cities of the world in terms of population (10+ million city proper; 18+ million urban area) it is also one of the cities with the highest percentage of Christian population (90.0%). Yet despite this latter fact, Sao Paulo is, without too much argument, the most violent and most crime ridden city in the world (cf.). Despite have a similar population to New York City (city proper and urban area), it recently recorded 17.1 X more homicides (11,500 to N.Y.'s 671 - cf.); see also the statistics in this article). Similar staggering observations can also be made of other large (statistically-speaking) "Christian" cities of Mexico City, Mexico (94.5% of 19.0M) and Buenos Aires, Argentina (90.5% of 13.3M) (cf.)

May 28, 2008