HC Security

Diplomatic Peace Keeping
There comes necessary times in world history when forceful military intervention into a foreign country is the only solution to remove an evil regime from power. The clearest case of such a need was seen during the second world war where had it not been for the valiant contributions of overseas powers such as the Russia (U.S.S.R), the United States, Great Britain and Canada, the entire Jewish race would have been murdered, and all of Europe and North Africa would have become a German Empire, if not one unified country. Though military force is honorable in some cases, there are most of the times diplomatic and peace keeping provide a much better course at actually resolving the problem. Since keeping the peace is the goal of the NJK, any contribution in an attempt to resolve a potential or ongoing conflict will be through non-combative and/or diplomatic means.

Mid-East Peace Solution

       In order to arrive at a solution for lasting peace in the Middle East, both disputing parties, Israel and Palestine, have to admit their wrongs. The wrong done to the Palestinians was indeed the creation and imposition of the State of Israel without their due approval. History clearly reveals that Israel had lost its rightful ownership of the land by having lost two legal wars which they started by revolting against what they considered to be an occupying power - the Roman Empire. As a direct consequence of no longer having any recognized authority in the area the Jewish people were only left with the option of resettling in other parts of the world. Then their land was fully and legally taken over by the Palestinians and as this was done, as it was said, because of Israel's losing outcome in two legal wars, then it is a just and binding result, which cannot be outdone forcefully by another empire and superpower. Notwithstanding the recent imposition of a rebirthed State of Israel on them, succinctly said, the wrongs that Palestinians have done is using terrorist tactics in attacking and murdering civilians in trying to get political change.

       So both sides are wrong and while now the predominant Palestinian solution which would right these wrongs is actually impractical as "dissolving" the State of Israel would probably force millions of people to have to relocate, there is a solution that can be arrived at that will be quite beneficial to both sides.

       As the land of Palestine does indeed legally and rightfully belong to the Palestinians, then, the State of Israel which now occupies a large part of that land, perhaps should be paying an annual, per capita, lease/rental tax for the land which they have come to occupy to the legal owners, the Palestinians. This tax would be e.g., 5% of Israel's annual GDP. Currently as Israel has a GDP/capita (PPP) of $26,600 and the Palestinians $1,100 (Source CIA World Factbook 2008) this tax would actually almost double the Palestinian national income and thus significantly improve their quality of life and effectuate tremendous economic growth. (Further equalization redistribution between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip would proportionally increase the living conditions of both of these population areas as the need is.) The advantage for Israel in all of this is that a stable region would, among other obvious things, greatly increase their tourism industry, along with the accompanying inevitable positive economic spin-off and also the likelihood of the increase in foreign investments (on both sides), which all more than likely will come to make up for this 5% tax.

       This is probably the only constructive framework that will allow both of these peoples to co-habit on the same land as it is mutually beneficial to both of them. Any military solution is certainly not permanent, civil, nor practical as other radical grassroot political parties, like Hamas is/was, can easily spring up again amongst Palestinians and democratically be established as the government. Also any permanent military occupation by Israel will only cause further uproar and crisis in the region. If however both sides recognize their mistakes and accept to meet on the "middle ground" suggested here then practical peace can be established and there is nothing more worthwhile and lasting than something that is actually practical and beneficial. In fact the only hurdle that may need to be jumped here in order to establish this peace may only be that all parties involved, including foreign "backing" powers, swallow their pride and admit their past wrongdoings.

Foreign Service
In the case of an armed conflict, the relatively good powers of the world do have sufficient military capabilities either individually or through coalitions to deal with such escalated conflicts. However, what is lacking during wars is relief aid and assistance to the predominantly innocent civilian population. The general public is repeatedly the biggest suffers during these wars through collateral damages causing various destructions including the wholesale loss of life and injury. Therefore, fore the sake of the innocent bystander, the NJK's foreign policy during times of war will be to directly and significantly aid, assist and shelter the general population. This foreign service will be seen in the form of:

-Medical Care Services (either on location, at NJK Missions or if necessary, at Holy City medical facilities themselves);
-Search and Rescue;
-Recovery and Rebuilding;
-Refugee sheltering and/or hosting;
-Interim Policing (or assistance); and also
-News Information and Journalism.

The last service mentioned of "News Service" will seek to provide an unbiased and accurate "picture" and report of what is really going on in a war zone. This hopefully will help to end conflicts that have lost their justification (if they ever began with one in the first place).

Disaster Aid
The NJK will also be involved in providing first responder type of service where allowed for fast, effective and "powerful" response to various disaster. This will be Disaster Rescue, Aid and Relief with military-type logistics, (constructive/operational) strength, power and effectiveness. January 4, 2009