HC Security

Military Defense
In today’s volatile, sin-tainted world, filled with advanced (impersonal) weaponry and where some entities feel that an armed conflict is the best, (if not default) way to settle disputes, even if it has to involve "mass" destructions, it would be actually careless for a sovereign country not to be prepared to protect and defend itself and its citizens militarily, and that capably. Therefore each individual HC will be equipped and prepared to provide its citizen with adequate, non-nuclear, military security. This military power will be used strictly for protective/defensive purposes meaning it will be only be used to fend off a direct, physical, armed hostile engagement of an HC (and/or an en-route convoy).

As part of an HC's defense system, one can expect to see a regular Naval force, including aircrafts, carriers and submarines. However, for strategic advantages, military defense units will focus more on speed, agility and decentralization. So one can expect to see the copious use of highly mobile units on ports (where HC defense units will be located), at sea and undersea. While this would be inefficient for a traveling navy, with the HCs already being at sea, efficient displacement is not a requisite, therefore the focus will be on not giving an enemy a grouped target to easily neutralize, but many scattered, yet still potent threats to deal with. Air defense, in the form of fighter planes will be used in order to be capable of intercepting a confirmed assailant within a secure distance away from a HC, but in neutral territory (i.e., over international waters). An HC will also be easier to provide security in the form of a missile interception and defense shield. This shield could include, as an initial level of defense, a virtual shield that forms a protective "cover" around the area of an HC, where any weapon system that enters this area would become inoperational. (E.g., a controllable and directional Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) wall|"bubble"|shield.) Of course such a system would have to be developed for such a large scale application.

Remotely Operated Systems (ROS)
In order to minimize injuries and the loss of life, the NJK will mainly used defense systems that can be reliably and accurate operated remotely. The systems will be such that they could be controlled from a high number of sources, even from a far as other HC's through reliable and securable communication means. For added security, these means of communication will be in multiple independent and parallel forms (including satellite, various wave or signals, infrared, underwater and/or over-the-air lasers, hard wire, etc,). Therefore neutralizing one control source or a form of communication would not actually neutralize the destructive weapons systems or its remote controllability. Therefore an enemy will rationally have to direct it's firepower towards the unmanned weapons systems rather than on the human controller. While such remotely operated systems may lack the irreplaceable on hand human element, the fact that they are remotely operated and not 100% reliant on artificial intelligence should decrease this performance gap. Furthermore, in many ways, machines and computer systems can make up for the limits on physically and intellectual human capabilities. So the two here should offset each other and arguably, given the survival of the human being, give an advantage to the use of ROS. That is in fact why modern military forces are increasingly moving towards the substitution of humans with machines.

Fully Optional Service
Most world militaries allow the option of serving or not to be decided by individuals. Some of these same countries however do make military training mandatory for qualified individuals. The NJK plans to make an arguably maverick step in this direction by making all military participation fully optional, from enlistment to even obeying an order. Why, one may ask. Well on the one hand, the life or death of an individual and the conscious decision to take another's life, even an "acting" enemy, should rightfully be left to the person who will have to live with, or die for, this decision. On the other hand, this will bring back a high notion of honor to the duty of serving one's country. Therefore this will mean that a person's choice to serve in the defense of their country will really be determined by: if they deeply and truly consider the cause at hand, their country in general and those in the country who are presently not in a position to defend themselves, worth fighting and potentially losing their life for. One can call this the Gideon criteria where it was clearly seen those who deeply embodied the cause at hand (Judges 7). So beyond enlistment, a person who decides to serve their country will also have the choice of choosing to opt out of an upcoming conflict or even not continuing in an engagement they are currently in. What this will do, in general, is guarantee that all potential conflicts that can confront the NJK are truly just causes to militarily defend against and fully honorable. Still, where some may opt out of a cause because of personal convictions, others who feel different can readily decide to join in and take their place even during an actual conflict as a military draft would do. They, of course, would, in preparation for such an eventuality, have volunteered to receive the required instruction and training to capably defend their country.

Therefore, at every commanding level of the military echelon, an individual will carry out their assigned responsibilities not because they have been conditioned|brainwashed|pre-programmed to respond, obey and act in a psyched "Sir, YES SIR!" way, but because they fully value the cause, country and people they are protecting and defending. And that is Highly Honorable! (This naturally means that NJK citizens who want to be literally sheilded by others fighting in behalf of them should naturally earn the respect of these valiant ones [or simply volunteer themselves.]) While on this subject, the NJK Defensive forces will not have the customary placid, formalism adopted by most military. Nor will it utilize/incorporate a belittling/demeaning, 'your-my-worthless/disposable-(public)-property', Fascistic attitude in training or conducting its defense force. Honorable people can, should, and will do the right thing without the threat, or, effectively the residual, traumatic stress, of being, or have been, verbally, psychologically, emotionally and/or physically abused. Intelligent and respectful interpersonal interaction among military personnel will be marked by normal respect and free of all forms of trained formalism and artificiality. If anyone deserves any honor, they should naturally and freely receive it. Anyone who is willing to put their life on the line to protect others is defaulty deserving of receiving the utmost respect.

Having said this, being Christian above all, all enlisted servicemen will be expected to conduct themselves in a Christian manner at all times. Also their potential refusal to not carry out an order by a commanding officer will have to be supported by a valid reason. If they cannot do so, they are liable of being formally charged with whatever applicable offense and to whatever applicable degree. May 28, 2008