HC Organization

NJK Regions
Similar to the administrative divisions of a nation today in states or provinces, the NJK will have 24 subdivisions called "Regions". They will cover the area of International Waters as these are the potential areas where future Holy Cities can be built. These NJK Regions will not be territorial claims but will only function in helping in the NJK’s administration and organization.

HC Territory
As a measure of safety, each HC will also be reserving an additional nautical mile ( km) out from the 4 boundary edges of the city as a buffer zone. This area will also function as an Economic Zone, (cf. EEZ) though non-exclusive. It will hopefully be granted by provision of the U.N. Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) an "accessible for peaceful purposes only" (i.e., territorial waters) status.

Here is a sample map of HC#1's city limit boundary and its adjacent nautical mile ( km) buffering zones.

HC#1 Boundary Map

The following table gives the Latitude and Longitude Coordinates for all of the HCs.

Holy Cities City and Territorial Boundaries

May 28, 2008