The continent closest to an HC. The ocean's or sea's region for an HC location. The ocean or sea in which an HC is located. An HC's latitudinal (North/South) coordinate. An HC's longitudinal (East/West) coordinate. The (nautical) distance of an HC to the nearest coast. The distance of an HC to the nearest coast. The nearest coastal country to an HC. The climate at the HC's location. The annual mean land temperature at an HC's location. [Derived from the HC location's sea surface temperature (SST)]. The net difference between the annual Precipitation (P) and Evaporation (E). [P-E]. The annual gross Precipitation. The annual total Evaporation. The average depths of the sea or ocean at the HC's location. Identitfied regional natural disaster hazards (at sea). An HC's Universal Time Coordinated time zone. The potential energy production capacity of an HC based on local data. The number of times an HC's energy capacity can meet its energy need. The annual mean intensity of solar radiation. The annual total of sunlight hours. The annual average of the wind's speed. The annual total of wind hours. The energy density in a wave expressed in kilowatts per feet or meter of an HC's coast in open (op) waters. (Derived from data for coastal waves). The local speed of marine currents. The potential equivalent amount of hydrogen fuel that can be produced (by the electrolysis of water) using all of an HC's capacity energy (minus the HC's energy need). Expressed in Crude Oil Equivalent (COE)- barrels per day. The relative market value of the hydrogen fuel produced per HC resident (in USD). (Relative to crude oil barrel prices). The estimated distribution of local seafloor polymetallic nodules. The dimensional annual total volume of an HC's rainfall (=freshwater) catchment. (Dependent on annual precipitation). The volume of an HC's annual rainfall (=freshwater) catchment. The Fresh Water Catchment per HC resident. The total value of the minerals dissolved in the volume of seawater immediately underneath an HC (USD). The Dissolved Mineral Value per HC resident (in USD). The type of sediments on the seafloor directly underneath an HC. The thickness of sediment layer on the seafloor directly underneath an HC. The numerical designation of an Holy City. (Repeat) Click for the latest version of Cross-browser Synchronized Frames