Parks, Squares & Gardens

Mega Parks
Each of the Holy City districts will have a centrally located "mega park." Each park will be nautical mile to a side [= m ( ft)] have an area of km2 ( mi2) [= ha| ac]. Each individual Mega Park will also have a unique theme be it trees, botany, wildlife, etc. Each park will have at its center the HC’s District Temple complex.

To put these Mega Parks into perspective, New York City’s Central Park which has dimensions of 4.0 km X .84 km (2.5 mi X .52 mi) and an area of 3.37 km2 (1.30 mi2) [=337 ha|832 ac] is located on the island of Manhattan which has an area of 58.8 km2 (22.7 mi2) (see this aerial photo). Therefore the area of Central Park takes up 5.7% of Manhattan. By comparison, each HC District is about X the size of Manhattan, so its Mega Park will only take up % of its km2 ( mi2) area.

Canal Parks
Along each side of the HC's km ( mi) long Canals [on average] will be m ( ft) wide (avg.) Canal Parks.

Canal Park Dimensions

HC Parks & Gardens Data-

Other Parks
In addition to the Mega Parks and Canal Parks, the HC will be filled with other smaller parks, squares and gardens of varying sizes totaling in number and covering about hectares ( acres). May 28, 2008