HC Areas

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From the center towards the outer edge the main HC Areas are:

1-Temple Mount- This is located at the very center of the Holy City. It is where the, main house of worship, the HC Temple will be located. Its area will be "mounted" and thus be slightly more elevated than the other areas of the HC. It will be visible from any location on the Holy City. Its surface area will be about m2 ( m X m) [ ft2 ( ft X ft)].

2-City Center- The City Center is where the main administrative centers of the Holy City will be located. These centers will head various sub-centers located throughout the city. The City Center, including the Temple Mount, will have an area of about km2 ( mi2). The City Center of the capital city of the NJK (HC Paul) will be known as the District of Christ, as He is the One who is the Foundation of this Christian country. (The well-known D.C. of the U.S. national capital city- Washington stands for District of Columbia , after Christopher Columbus, the acknowledged discoverer of America).

3-Habitable Lots- The Habitable Lots, as the name suggests is where citizens of the Holy City will reside. This area will contain houses, schools, churches, parks, public buildings etc. It is naturally, the largest area of the HC having an area of km2 ( mi2). The area of the Habitable Lots will be subdivided into administrative districts. They will be seperated from each other by m ( ft) wide water Canals spanned by numerous Canal (Draw) Bridges.

4-Beaches & Resort- Surrounding the Habitable Lots area will be about km ( mi) in total length of Resorts, Hotels and Beaches. This area will be the tourism & vacation section of the Holy City. It will be planned to have a capacity up to visitors at once, from both, citizens of other HCís and other visitors.

5-Lakes- Instead of individual residential swimming pools (and apart from local public pools), the HC will focus its resources for swimming areas in an artificial nautical area along its km ( mi) of beaches, which will extend outward for about half a nautical mile ( m/ ft). At that size it is better labeled as a "Lakes" area. It will be artificial in that its depth will be controlled by platforms on submerged floating units . These will keep the lakesí depths at to meters ( to feet) which are safe levels based on the average range of human heights: ~ to m ( to ft). Most of the Lakes Area will be open to small water crafts.

6-Seas- The Seas Area will also extended outward for about half a nautical mile. It will also be a controlled depth area with depths ranging from to m ( to ft), but instead of solid submerged platforms, it will rather have plastic chain links forming a sort of a safety net at the bottom. This means that one can choose the exact depth in which to scuba dive. The Seas Area will be open to medium sized water crafts.

The Seas and the Lakes area will have of their combined km2 ( mi2) area filled with (literally) (artificial float) islands, These islands will range in diametric size from to m ( to ft). They will be accessible for recreational activities and Island hopping trips, among others.

7-Sea-Airports- Surrounding the entire Holy City will be a ports area having a total length of almost km ( mi) and a width of half a nautical mile ( m/ ft). It will be the entrance point to the Holy City and will be connected to the HC main area by Port Bridges.

Here are the dimension and area figures for the HC's main and other areas:

Holy City Areas Data