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HC Naming


The naming of HC Roads will be with propernames and with sequential numbers. In the case of boulevards (N/S) and streets (E/W), they will have will have both designations. Sequential numbers will be ordered from the south to north for boulevards and from east to west for streets. While these numbers will remain the same throughout the length of the boulevard/street, there will also be propername designations given to these street which will however be for the length of a township length section of m ( ft). This will allow for the most names as possible used. In total an HC will have about road segments to be named.

Proper Names Origins
The names of HC roadways will be from the name of its first residents but in order to rightly give honour where it is due, these names will be the family names from the first people as they, by making up an HC's minimum starting population would have made it possible for the Holy City to be founded. May 28, 2008