HC Layout

Major Areas
The maximum population for each HC is set at people. (More about the HC/NJK population is discussed here). At that number the city will have a total surface area of km2 [ km X km] ( [statute] mi2 [ mi X mi]). This area is arrived at due to the fact that the portion on the city which will be inhabited- the Habitable Lots (see below)- is based on it being composed of sections of square feet each. (Biblically speaking, a perfect square!) This results in this "Habitable Lots" having an area of hectares ( acres) or km2 ( mi2). The total surface area mentioned above includes the Seas, (Service Road) and Ports areas (see below).

The Holy City is laid out in 7 concentric areas as it is seen in the following drawing.

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Each of these Areas are further discussed in the next section.

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Area Comparison
The final, total size of the Holy City of km2 ( mi2 ) ranks in between the size of the islands of Mauritius (cf.) 2,040 km2 (788 mi2 ) and Reunion (cf.) 2,512 km2 (970 mi2 ). (This scaled map * showing these two island gives an idea of what the physical size of each HC will be).

*Map is made available by the CIA World Factbook (Reference Maps). May 28, 2008