NJK Flag

(Flag (Ezek 1:10, 10:14; Rev 4:7-4 Faces, throne on the sea of glass, rainbow){Picture of the Flag}

Four Faces
The flag of the New Jerusalem Kingdom is based on the symbolic imagery of four mysterious faces that is given in Ezekiel 1:10, 10:14 and Revelation 4:7. Traditionally, in Church history, these images have been said to represent the four gospel writers: the Man was attributed to Matthew, the Lion to Mark, the Eagle to Luke and the Ox to John, but this is without any basis or support. A closer look at these symbols in Biblical light reveals a more grounded meaning and interestingly enough a meaning that is very significant to a Kingdom of God, i.e., a Kingdom where God can rule upon. A reading of the context in which these descriptions reveals that always named in conjunction with a base for the throne of God. (see Ezek. 1:26, 10:1; Rev 4:2-6, 9-11).

The basis for the following identification of these 4 Faces is given in this blog post of this Project. Summarily, succinctly said here these symbols represent the 4 Biblical Foundational Entities of the NJK, in both their:

The Face of Lion: People's Leadership and Political Organization
The Face of Ox: Religious Economy and National Culture
The Face of Man: Social Relations and Socio-economic Interactions
The Face of Eagle: Spiritual Gifts and Technological Resources January 9, 2011