NJK Calender

It has become common knowledge the B.C./A.D. reckoning years based on what was thought to be the birth year of Jesus Christ is slightly off by 4years. This is the result of the error by the monk Dionysius Exiguus who established this system in 522 A.D. In the Bible account of the Nativity it is said that Jesus was born when Herod (the Great) was king -(Matt 2:1). Since historical records and evidences reveal that Herod died in what is today called 4 B.C. then Christ was born sometime before this year. Therefore if the years are reckoned from the true birth of Christ, the present year we call A.D. ("Anno Domini" - "[from the] year of our Lord") is actually 4 years off and should rather be A.D. What is further interesting, (for several corroborating reasons that will be discussed in a future printed publication), it can be determined with strong support that the Nativity actually occurred four additional years before the terminus ad quem (limiting end point) of 4 B.C. This would come to mean that we are currently in the year A.D.

The current general accepted year reckoning of may be inconvenient to deviate from for various reasons (mainly business dealings), but it is still another "traditional" element that needs to be adjusted in the light of Truth. Therefore, once the NJK is concretely established, its calender will be adjusted to the actual year of Christ’s birth. Therefore expect to make a virtual leap in time forward of eight full years.

NJK Date
All this therefore means that the date statements that appear of the top left hand corner of pages on this website (for universal convenience only) will not be stated with these names in the NJK world.

Therefore today's date of:

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would be expressed in the NJK as:

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May 28, 2008