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A careful study of the origins of the "calendrical" names are used in most societies today reveals that it has its roots in pagan mythology and pagan religion. This is because the week days and the calender months were nearly all named in honor of a man-made god. This is shown in the following lists:

(English) Weekdays

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For a wholly Christian society, this naming basis cannot be considered as being acceptable. This would even qualify as a "First Commandment" offense which forbids worth being given to gods and also as these names as these gods take the "worth-ship" (worship ( cf.)) due to the God of Heaven who created everything.
Since the only known reason for observing a seven day week is because of the original 7-day Creation week, then the most proper way to name the days of the week would be based on the major creative works of God on that day. (See an animated clip of Creation Week here). A suggested list would be as follows:

NJK Weekday Names

May 28, 2008