NJK Anthems

The NJK/HC will have 7+1 Hymn-type Anthems. Their rendering will be dependent on the events' location and/or circumstances. These anthems are presented here:






National [NJK]

"God of Our Fathers"

National Events



"A Mighty Fortress"

International Events



"Lead On, O King Eternal"

Monarchial Events


Holy City

"Marching to Zion"

Holy City Events



"Holy, Holy, Holy"

Worship Events



"Handel’s Messiah"

Celebrations, Feasts, Festivals


Hope & Faith

"Jesus Is Coming Again"

Memorial Events



[Hymn or Composition]

Daily Devotion


*The Personal anthems will be daily devotional hymns or original compositions from each of the founding members of an HC. Since this adds up to up to , more than one person will have the same hymn. One hymn will be solemnly played every morning over the radio on non-event days (i.e., National holidays, festivals, etc) (This will be around days. (See the NJK Holidays section). When applicable, the same personal hymn of + people will be played throughout the NJK, in each of its Holy Cities.

One may wonder why is it not the National or Holy City anthem that is played every day as most countries do. Well since the HC/NJK will have become a reality because of (1) the Christian faith and (2) the personal "sacrifice" (i.e., testimony- Greek: martyr) of each of its citizen, this is therefore a deserved way to salute and appreciate these Godly "qualities". This will also be a daily remembrance that the New Jerusalem Kingdom is a Christian country and nation because each and every one of its citizens are Christian- Christians who have been "born from above" (John 3:3- literal translation; see NRSV). March 3, 2012