Government System & Structure

The following tables give an overview of the working plans for the NJK-HC government. Each entry can be explained in details and this is being done in the developing HC Constitution. However here is a most striking highlights of this planned government system and structure. The rest can be seen in the developing Constitution.

For more detailed discussion on the Biblical|Theological|Prophetic basis and substantiation for this 6+1 Powers Governement Structure, see the statement in this blog post and its further explanatory exposition in here, and this wholly related blog post

NJK-HC GovernPowers

Six-Branch Division of Powers - As it turns out, Biblical research reveals that God had intended Israel to have a division of powers in its leadership in the days beyond the first leaders of Moses and Joshua. So the powers of Judging (Dan), Legislating (God), 'Law Enforcement'/Priestly (Levi), Administration (Judah), etc were to be headed by different people, even tribes in some cases as shown in those brackets. (See in this blog post). So the NJK will have at its HC governments this division of powers, with in addition to the contemporary customary Legislative, Judicial and Executive branches, the Civil entity of Law Enforcement being seperated from the Executive Branch (to avoid the usually seen "nepotism" which allows an executive/legislative government in power to go unpunished, especially if they have the needed congressional votes to oppose any impeaching action); with an Information Power (= the "Fourth Estate") being formally organized/empowered, and the customarily competing Congressional/Parliamentary Upper and Lower House Chambers, which are typically merely reciprocal bodies, being inherently harmonized into one power (with Senatorial functions being then as elected congressional deliberative leadership for Reperesentatives), and with its prior distinct Upper House/Senatorial power being, for the Theocracy of the NJK, given to a here formally organized/structured and empowered Religious, Pastoral Branch.

Upper Monarchial Powers - In order to ensure that the NJK Project remains for the founding Biblical purpose that it is being established for, beyond the HC Governments, in regardst to decisions that will affect more than one HC, there will be a three level (HC, Region, National) Honorary and Electoral Monarchial System. The height of its power will be to provide the last referential veto check to ensure that a decision be made according to Biblical Truth and Facts, however the ensuing final "ratifying" decision will be in the hands of the People. April 25, 2013