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Aborting Abortion
Every year around 50 million babies are aborted with the main reasons/excuses being of the socioeconomic nature (see this web page). The New Jerusalem Kingdom will do something tangible to rescue these innocent lives. To succinctly summarize this "rescue mission": the NJK will, at the option of the potential recipient, give up to of a country’s purchasing power parity (PPP) per capita to any woman of that country who is with child but is planning to have an abortion, for the live-birth and release to adoption of (each of) her fetus(es).

For example, in the economy of , this would be about as their PPP/capita is (). (For a complete list of the PPP’s of world countries, see this CIA World Factbook page). Now, if applicable, this maximum PPP percent of will drop by increments of for up to birth-adoptions of one woman. For any subsequent birth-adoptions beyond a , the amount will be the same as the one will be given; as follows:

NJK Adoptions Donation Schedule

These parameters would give the following first year (=maximum) totals.

NJK Adoption Donations Totals

Click here to see country by country estimated figures.

The NJK will be responsible for the delivery of these babies, through its worldwide hospitals and clinics, and if needed, it will provide the necessary assistance during the pregnancy.

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May 28, 2008