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NJK Mission Campuses
In order for the NJK to meet its various outreach objectives and also provide for its leisure plans, the NJK will be purchasing land properties in or around the major population centers of the world. These are mostly world areas with populations of 100,000 or more. Presently, missions campus locations are being planned around the world. They will closely resemble college/university campuses in their layout. They will each be about - hectares (- acres). From properties with the higher lands area, hectares ( acres) will be dedicated to an airpark with a m ( ft) runway where large capacity NJK planes could directly land and takeoff. (State officials from the countries in which these airparks will be located will be able to set up their immigration and customs check-in points there if want to do so.) Less than half of the mission campuses ( to be exact) are expected to need a dedicated airpark. The total area for all of the planned missions campuses comes to a grand total of hectares ( acres) which equals, on average, to only of the land areea of world countries.

(The country maps on this website give an idea of the cities in which NJK Mission Campuses will be located as they show the major population centers of the world.)

Campus Properties Cost
A base market price of /hectare (/acre) USD for "bulk" (i.e., large area purchasing) was used to estimate the total cost of all NJK Missions campus propeties. This base figure comes to work out to an average equivalence of /ha (/ac) when converted into other world economies. Therefore the total cost for all of the NJK's Missions campus properties is or per NJK Citizen.

See a country by country property aquisition costs table here

Missions Campus Services & Facilities
Here is a list of the various services and facilities that will be present of a typical NJK Missions Campus. The number and types of services offered to the local community will vary according to the actual local demand.

New Jerusalem Kingdom Missions Campus Services Table

May 28, 2008