HC Worship

As a wholly Christian community, the major weekly event in the Holy Cities will be the formal corporate worship of the Creator, Re-Creator and Redeemer God (cf. Isa 66:23). The HC/NJK will houses of worships for this expression of faith. There will be one "Local" Church per township area; one District Temple per HC district and one HC Temple for the city. Additionally, once a month a family will host a mid-week prayer meeting. Also every week people from each Holy City will be invited to assemble together for a worship convention at the NJK Temple, which is the capital city’s (HC) Temple. This temple will have four times the capacity of an HC Temple, and 3/4 of the weekly worshipers will be visitors from other HC’s.

Here is some projected data concerning the HC/NJK houses of worships:

HC Houses of Worship

Holy City Churches Data-
Needless to say that some of these buildings, (i.e., the NJK and the HC Temples) will be architectural achievements. By comparison, one of the largest (non-race track) stadiums in the world, the University of Michigan football Stadium(see this satellite photo of it), has a capacity of 107,501 people, and a size of about 48,750 m2 (250m X 195m) [=524,741 ft2 (820ft X 640ft)]. (If its playing field area was filled in with seats the capacity could reach 124,000).

In the HC/NJK temples, through the use of audio and visual technology, it will seem like everyone present has a front row seat.
The HC District temples will be located in the HC’s Mega Parks and in order to conserve green space around them, their parking areas will located "underground", or more pertinently for the HC: "below the (deck’s) surface."
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May 28, 2008