HC Housing

House Costs
While a house the size of the HC sample house has a value of $450,000+ (USD) in US real estate market, (see this construction estimates report), costs calculations based only on the price of raw materials, as the HC Economy is based on, reveal that the house will cost less than USD as the following chart shows:

HC House Raw Material Costs

Holy CIty Housing Cost Breakdown-

The framework of HC houses will go beyond wood and even steel components to fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) which essentially is structural fiberglass. This kind of structural material is (pound-for-pound) stronger, lighter in weight and more durable than either wood or steel. It is also more suitable for the more humid environment that the Holy Cities will be in. Already, it is said of steel frames that they build 1000-year houses. How much more for FRP frames. (In fact, these kind of composite frames are increasingly beginning to replace traditional metals in many applications).

{HC sample House’s 3D Plan!}

May 28, 2008