HC School Year

Double School Year
Prior planning of the physical aspects of the HC’s school system had revealed that the weights of what had been over PK/K to Grade 12 school buildings, would have been equal to about 1/3 of the total HC weight load. In order to reduce this weight and also to save on materials, a special school year system will be adopted. This system will consist of having two equal -month school years within one calender year. The first school year term would be from through and the second would be from through . (Of course, the total number of HC student will be divided equally between the school terms). All of this will result in the need for physical school buildings being cut in half.

Since the 6-month term alone will result in only days of school and be short of a normative days, a week "vacational" school period is added to the off period of students. (This period is usually referred to as: "Summer school" but since it will not be occurring in the summer months for all HC students it is rather called "Vacational school"). During that time, suitable elective classes will be given through an "off-campus" means, (i.e., online or outdoors). This will boost the school days total up to days. In order to make up the remaining difference HC schools class times will be about minutes longer than the usual minutes.

The following table compares the typical North American school year with the Holy City’s. (See here for a list of the length of school years in some other nations & regions).

HC School Year vs. North America

Here is a sample of a would be typical HC school day.

Typical HC School Day
May 28, 2008