HC Education

School Levels
The HC education system will be a complete and unified system starting with Day Care & Preschool on through Graduate School & Studies. At every level, God, the Bible and God’s work in Creation, will be incorporated into the curriculum & materials. Since the HC Economy is greatly dependent on everyone being capable of providing a service professionally, it will be required and mandatory to have a complete (i.e., through Graduate School) education. A person can expect to complete all studies by the age of .

Here are some basic details about the various educational levels:

Day Care/Pre School- Formal education will begin at the age of .

Elementary Education -The Elementary education will be from Grades 1 to 6 and divided into 3 groups, namely Grades 1&2; 3&4, 5&6.

Secondary Education- The secondary level will also have three level of two’s These are the:

-High School: (Grades 7&8),
-Junior High School: (Grades 9&10),
-Senior High School:(Grades 11&12).

Colleges- The College level will provide 2 years of General, College Level education.

Each HC will have college campus, one in each district.

University- The University Level education will be two years in length. The HC University (HCU) will be a citywide system of united campuses. The HCU will have double campuses, meaning that each district will have a campus but they will be grouped together in two’s with half of a double campus in one district and the other half in the other district. The HCU will have major Academic Divisions (two per single campus) with divisions of closely related fields having their campuses joined.
Graduate Schools- Each University field of study will also have a 2-year post graduation program. The type of program will vary with different schools from in class studies to on field studies.
Research Institutions- Some students may chose to be involved in further studies via research. Dedicated institutions will exist for this purpose. This will also include "Development" facilities. This means that if someone has an idea for an invention, all of his studies, researches and developments (from e.g., conception through a working model) will be completely and freely aided and supported. Where possible, these facilities will be housed within production/manufacturing establishments.

The following chart gives some projected data concerning the HC’s educational levels.

HC School System

Holy City's Schools System Data
May 28, 2008