NJK Population

Population Makeup
The NJK population for its initial Holy Cities is being anticipated to be about 10% of the world’s Christian population or people.

The following tables show how the NJK population (in ) can potentially be formed from World Christians. The main Christian megablocs (Catholic, Protestant, Anglican, etc) were taken into consideration and the distribution here is largely reflective of the actual size of these megablocs although the percentage from each of these megablocs is around 10%.
(Although part of the "Protestant" Megabloc, the Seventh Day Adventist denomination (SDA) is listed seperately as it is a denomination that currently adheres to most of the Biblical teachings that the NJK's embraces as Christian beliefs and overall Biblical lifestyle practices. It should however be stated, for official purposes, that the NJK Project is not a direct ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church).

Economic Background
The NJK's population makeup estimates also take into consideration that the NJK's Christian economic plan and the relief that it will bring will be attractive to Christians who are currently living in the economically underdeveloped regions of the world. This should not be looked down upon for God abhors the oppression of the poor and needy or the condoning of it and considers the striving to eliminate this as important as the Cornerstone of His Holy Law (See Isaiah 58). A survey of the world's economic regions is given here.

Country by Country statistics are given on the next page.

Tables Data Sources: World Christian Database & CIA World Factbook - Religion Field

Population Estimates Data

World Christian Census

World Christians Census by Megabloc

World Christians by World Economic Regions

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Christian Megabloc % by World Economic Regions

Total Christian Population % by Economic and Megabloc Background

NJK Population Breakdown

NJK Population by Megabloc

NJK Population by World Economic Regions

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NJK Megabloc % by World Economic Regions

Total NJK Population % by Economic and Megabloc Background

May 28, 2008