NJK Peoples' Language

Official Language
The make up of the New Jerusalem Kingdom's population is anticipated to be from world chrisitianity. As it is seen today, World Christianity is almost as diverse in peoples and languages as the actual world is. Yet it would be quite impractical for the NJK or any country for that matter to coexist without a unification in communication, i.e., without an official spoken language. (cf. the Babel curse Gen 11:1-9). For the NJK to function at its optimal potential, language barriers would prove to a significant "weight" to carry. For starters, signalisations, publications, products, labels, etc would have to be made available in several languages. This would be a tremendous economical overhead which would impede NJK objectives in that area. Optimal communications also help tear down and prevent otherwise natural social seperations. It should be self-evident that an official widely understood and spoken language is a necessity.

In order to meet this essential need, the NJK can opt for the following various possible solutions:

    1) The most widely known/spoken language among NJK citizens could be established as the country's official language. If current related demographic projections hold up (see the next page) this would come to me that would be the official language. However since projections indicate that this language would be only spoken by of the NJK citizen (or people), this would at the same time mean that would have to then learn this language.

    2) A popular/widely spoken world language could be selected as the official language. Based on world statistics the top candidates would be: English= 104 countries, 347 million speakers; Spanish= 43c|322M; Portugese= 33c|176M; French= 53c|77M; German (standard)= 30c|100M.

However, again based on related demographic statistics, any of these languages mentioned here would still have to be learned by the majority of NJK citizens (+).

    3) A composite of world languages called for obvious reasons a "World Language" could be formed. It would have a diverse vocabulary from words of all world languages. Its grammar and syntax would contain the most efficient elements from world languages and even its alphabet could include letters and symbols could as diverse.

    4) An entirely new and original language could be created from scratch. It would aim to be a most advanced and complete (i.e., exhaustive/comprehensive) language. This would necessitate the need of a new alphabet, vocabulary grammar and syntax.

Most Likely Choice
Of all these above choices, the most attrative one would be the World Language option (#3) mainly due to its inclusive and eclectic nature. Everyone in the NJK (and also around the world) would be able to somewhat relate to this new language. This would be a beneficial and significant national unifying tie as it would be a true "common ground". The idea of a new language drawing from elements (vocabulary, grammar, etc) of other existing language is actually an undertaking that has been done in the past with many of the language that are used today. Over time, this composition get ironed out and the language takes on a congruent form but the traces or roots of the origin of these elements can still be perceived. Take for example the modern English language. It has roots in many languages, mainly: German, French, Latin, Greek and Dutch, among others.

Second Language
In order to be able to communicate and function in the rest of the world, NJK citizens, present and future, will have to be able to speak another language. Therefore the original languages of NJK Citizens will be preserved and pass on as a second language. The needed facilities/materials/resources will be made available in order to facilitate this. This second language could be thought of as a "missions language."

The NeXt Millenium Seminar

May 28, 2008