HC Population

Urban Area Density
With an HC having a total area of km2 ( mi2), and a land-only area of km2 ( mi2), it will have a population density of people/km2 ( people/mi2) for the total area and people/km2 ( people/mi2) for their land-only area.

The datatable below shows how an HC's land area population density compares with other world urban areas having populations over 8,000,000.

To put the area and population density of an HC in clearer perspective, this Google Earth (KMZ) File overlays the general area of 325 of the world's largest urban areas with the proposed area of an HC. The population of the cities are listed in the menu. [The Free Google Earth program will be needed to view the file). [Use "Save As Target" to download the KMZ file , then once the Google Earth software is installed, simply doubleclick on the kmz file to view in the program].

Holy Cities vs. World Urban Areas - Population Density
Source: Demographia.com

May 28, 2008