Travel (Ground) Transportation

Lending Vehicles
For local family outings on vacation trips, the NJK will own and lend fully served, passenger vehicles to its travelling citizen. Enough vehicles will be made available to provide every family from the travelling party with at least 1-2 days of use of this mode of transportation, with a predetermined total travel distance limit. Supporting services will also be provided with the vehicle, e.g., wireless communication and GPS guidance systems.

Bus Travel
For short, group trips the NJK will have its own fleet of passenger travel buses each having a capacity of about 55 passengers.

Train Travel
For longer distance (overnight) trips and also as many ground trips within a country are best made via train routes in many countries, the NJK will seek to establish a train travel companies in these countries when possible. The NJK will also lease the use of railways in order to provide this mode of transportation to NJK travelers. In countries where this is not possible, special train charters will then be arranged as this would be a less expensive travel arrangement. This mode of transportation will also more than likely involve the building of the NJK's own fleet of (bio- diesel) locomotives and train passenger wagons (e.g., convertible sleeper cars). May 28, 2008