Travel Infrastructure

In each of the NJK mission campuses, there will be up to 4 hotel complexes with supporting service areas for the traveling NJK citizens. With NJK mission campuses being planned in major cities around the world ( cities in urban areas in almost all of the current countries & territories), NJK citizens will have the opportunity to literally see the world.

HC/NJK travel agencies will be available to assist NJK citizens with their travel planning and reservations. Each citizen or traveling party will be entitled to a certain monetary amount for vacation activities which they budget out in their own way The NJK travel agencies will be responsible to find the best deals on these travel activities and maximize the travel experience of all.

Luggage & Equipment
One of the important factors in buying a luggage set is to pick out one that best fits one's traveling needs, however these needs are not always the same for every trip. Furthermore a luggage set may only be use for 2 weeks out of the year, if at all and simply sit unused for the remaining 50+ weeks. This would represent a use percentage of 4% or less. These numbers indicate that this is a very inefficient way for traveling. In order to "reclaim" this waste equipments such as various types of luggage, and also high performance photo and video cameras will be available for NJK citizens to borrow according to their traveling needs. (For cleanliness sake, these luggages will be fitted with disposable plastic liners.) This much more efficient method will also allow for the production of high quality luggage, which will counterbalance their year-round use. Of course, these luggage will be routinely maintained to ensure cleanliness. May 28, 2008