NJK World Travel

Travel Services
The global locations of the Holy Cities will provide a wonderful travel opportunity for NJK citizens. With HC’s being coastal cities (being on average nautical miles ( km) offshore, many countries will be with quick reach by ferries. The NJK will fully support the travels of its citizen by automatically providing the necessary services that will be needed for enjoyable and memorable travel experience. These services include hotel accommodations, travel agency services, luggage and other travel equipment, group and personal transportation vehicles.

Travel Plan
The NJK’s equalized service force duties (=workforce duties) will allow all of its citizens to have - annual traveling events as follows:

NJK Citizens Annual Travel Events

Trips to travel destinations will be either by air or by sea or a combination of the two.

In order to cut the needs that will arise for transportation fuel and other traveling resources by about 55%, the pre-planned traveling events will be grouped into traveling periods, one of weeks and including a -week missions trip, and a second of weeks (with the possibility of combining the -day visit to the NJK Temple (in the Capital city: HC #1) with a visit to HC #1). The area where a family will be for its missions trip will also be or be very near to the World Travel area.

Sample Travel Plan
A sample, lifetime world and HC travel plan is given here (This is one for NJK citizens residing in HC #). It includes all travels that could be done during a year period. (Only a person more "cognitive"/"aware" years [i.e., starting from age ] through age ) are included here as they will better remember/apreciate these trips, although one will still travel prior to that.

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May 28, 2008