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HC-NJK Sports
An interesting question that one may have within the topic of HC Leisure is will there be sports activities in the NJK? The answer is yes but with a positive asterisk(*). The competitiveness in found in the nature and spirit of most sports will not be exercised within the HC's or the NJK. Instea, sport activities that reflect the unnderlying nature and spirit of the New Jerusalem Kingdom will be invented and demonstrated, where everyone seeks to help everyone else achieve their best and where one sacrifice a little of himself for the good of others. Therefore, in addition to originally created NJK sports, non-competitive adaptations/versions of sports today will be practiced if it is possible to make such a conversion.

Athletic events will be the prominent model of the HC/NJK's sport. The major difference that will be implemented within them is that instead of participants competing against one another, they will rather be supporting one another. The goal of all activities will be to achieve the best overall or on average performance. For example, in a 100m sprint race, it will be the average time of all the participants that will determine the success of the event. The goal at each event will be to improve over the previous event's performances. Participation will be open to anyone who feels that they can help make a difference and therefore their honesty in the face of their prior practice results will be the key. So if one year 10 people in an HC township feel that they can improve the current township record in the sprint then they will run in the event and try to do so. At the end they then, by looking at their own performance time and that of others decide for themselves if they should withdraw themselve from subsequent events, (i.e., the District, then the HC and then the NJK events) or if they should continue and go on. Therefore, their honest self-evaluation of everyone involved will be the key to the overall achievements of, eventually, the NJK.

Olympic Participation
One can expect to see the NJK participate in International Olympic Events. The same process that was used in forming the final NJK team will be used to determine the participants for that Olympic Team. Hosting an Olympic event at an HC could be a possibility but only if NJK morals and ethics are guaranteed to be respected by incoming participants, visitors and members of supporting activity groups.

Games & Toy
The non-competitive spirit of NJK leisure activities will also be present in games (e.g., board games, video games) and applicable toys. Of course, all toys will reflect the Christian morality of the NJK (e.g., non-violent, etc). These games and toys will be of Biblical content and nature.

Example Sport : Baseball
Even a complex competitve team sport like baseball could be played according to the HC/NJK cooperative sports nature by simply refocusing the means used in reaching the end objectives of the sport: i.e., good hitting, strong pitching and a solid defense. This would mostly be achieved by making pitcher-batter "matchup" a cooperational one rather than a confrontational one. In this new kind of match up, the pitcher would be trying to make the batter an optimal hitter while also remaining professional competent. Meaning the pitcher would not actually be lobbing pitches to the plate batting-practice style. To accomplish, the cat and mouse game normally involved in pitching to a batter would be initially removed, i.e., the hitter would know in advance what kind of pitch he or she1 is about to be given. The pitcher job, true to his or her personal objective would still be to make this an excelent pitch, e.g., keep it in the strike zone. This would work as follows: in his first at-bat, the hitter would actually call his pitches. He would tell the catcher what pitch he wants (in accordance with the present pitcher's repertoire and going through all of these different pitches without before repeating one) and the catcher would then give the appropriate signal to the pitcher. In his second at-bat, it would be the battery (pitcher and catcher) who would decide what pitch to give the hitter but he would be notified of the pitch beforehand by the catcher. In his third at-bat, the batter would be pitched to according to a previously settled pitch by pitch report that the other team would have had on him. His responsibility would have been to have studied that report and learn the situational pitch selections and be ready to face them in a game situation. So he would still know the pitch sequence during this third at-bat if he had done his homework. The fourth at-bat (usually the last at-bat) and, if applicable, those that follow would be the "final test(s)" at-bat(s) for the hitter as the battery would privately decide how to pitch to him. This sequence of pitches will however be very similar to how the hitter was pitch to in his prior at-bats with minor variations. The batter will expect to see the types of pitches he particularly didn't do to well in these at-bats, with the objective being that he would have prepared himself by then to do better with them this time around. By this or these at-bat(s), the hitter should have learned his lessons and in essence become a better hitter.

During this whole batter-battery process, a normal professional-type baseball would have developed with scoring, defense, etc.

A physical sport like American football could be "safely" played in the HC-NJK but it would be of the flag-football variety.

1For the sake of easier reading here, though the HC/NJK sports will be for both male and female athletes, only terms for the male gender are used from now one, however they are meant to be used in a gender inclusive way.

Sports/Athletic Facilities
May 28, 2008