HC Leisure

Hazon Productions
The HC will operate a have national Biblical movie production. It will be called Hazon Production, "Hazon" being the Hebrew word for "vision" (see e.g., Dan 9:23). It will be producing, what is better termed as a "movie series." It will cover the entire timeline of Biblical History "from then until now."

The movies made by Hazon Productions will be in what can be called 4 dimensions as follows:

1). The First dimension: What the Bible explicitly says.
2). The Second: What can be implied from Bible text.
3). The Third: Credible information from extra biblical sources. (e.g. Apocrypha, Josephus, Jewish & NT Church tradition).
4).The Fourth: The "Behind the seen" story. This will be representations from the Heavenly world as events and actions occurred on Earth.
These Biblical movie productions for theater presentations will be in be large (IMAX type) format using immersion special effects when applicable such as 3D Imaging. Even holographic immersion effects will be added to the presentation.

The Hazon production studios will be distributed among the Holy Cities. These studios will consist of real size sets and buildings which, when not in use for productions they will serve as venues of a National Theme Park called: The Bible’s World. May 28, 2008