HC Environment

HC Cemetery
The HC will have environmentally proper burial spaces. They will be located in the top third section of floating units. This section is already divided into compartments and each compartment will serve as a family burial plot for up to coffins each. Each coffin will have to be airtight and watertight, and also of quality, lightweight material.

Counting all of the floating units spaces, an total HC burial capacity is about spaces, which is currently X more than the space needed for the long term, 1,000-year projection of estimated cumulative natural deaths per HC of .

Each coffin space has a dimension of (LxWxH): m x m x m ( ft x ft X ft), It will be made of fiberglass and have a weight of kg ( lbs). Overtime a full coffin will end up weighing, on average, around kg ( lbs) for a person of the average weight of kg ( lbs), since the human skeleton makes up only of total body weight.

This all means that a full HC Cemetery, according to projections will only take up (on average: kg/ lbs per FU) of the extra weight load capacity of each floating unit. Therefore this will very lightly affect an HC’s overall load capacities. May 28, 2008