HC Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy Need
While the use of nuclear energy is a very potent and efficient source of power and energy and with proper safety and security measures, a clean and safe industry (see this site), and that the possibility of making use of nuclear energy on structures at sea is fully proven in the use of naval reactors for marine vessels propulsion as found on many aircraft carriers and submarines, some ice breakers, (among others vessels) the HC/NJK currently does not plan to make any use of it. Renewable energy sources are considered to be sufficient to meet an HC’s basic energy need (i.e., local comsumption only). The following information is therefore only hypothetical.

Were the HC’s to make use of nuclear energy, the power plants would be located on the HC’s ports, like an other HC hazardous materials (see here).

Here is a table that shows how an HC’s nuclear energy data would look like compared to present day world nuclear energy totals. (The last columns shows what the distance between power plants spaces would be on the HC’s surround port).

HC Nuclear Energy and World's Need

Enriched Uranium
However, for added safety and simpler civil constructions, an HC’s power plant would not be as large as the average land based plant (i.e., ~ MW), but would instead divide this capacity into smaller units of around ~ MW each. This is about the same power capacity of a nuclear aircraft carrier’s plant (= HP) using highly enriched uranium. Interestingly enough, the use of nuclear energy on submarine (as much as a total of MW= HP; e.g. this large Russian submarine), show that an HC’s nuclear power plants can be housed in "submergeable" power plants located around and/or under an HC, and that at significant depths of about m ( ft), thus also providing added safety.

HC Nuclear Energy Production Data Using Enriched Uranium

NJK vs. World Nuclear Energy
This table shows what the NJK’s need of nuclear energy would be and how it compare with the world’s current production.

NJK Nuclear Energy Totals vs. World

Submerged Nuclear Plants
Nuclear energy may become the "no-other-choice" source of energy much, much later on in an HC as its population begins to surpass the "single storeys housing" capacity of as unobstructed and available open areas will then not be sufficient to meet renewable energy installation needs (See an HC’s projected future population growth here). The uranium fuel for the reactors could readily be taken from seawater. With a dissolved uranium concentration of 2.958E-09 kg/l (2.469E-08 lbs/gall) and thus a calculated total of billion metric tons, the uranium in earth’s seawater alone (i.e., not including the supply in the earth’s crust) has enough uranium to supply a NJK’s 1,000-year projected average need of mT/yr for times over.

HC Submerged Nuclear Power Plants Data

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May 28, 2008