HC Biomass Energy

Biomass Fuels
The use of Biomass fuel as an energy source would involve the incineration of wastes that contain a residual energy value. The heat resulting from this would produce electrical energy through mainly steam turbines. Direct heating energy could also be supplied from this source. This method would virtually be a free energy source as the biomass involved are all byproduct wastes that would have to be eliminated through incineration anyway. Even if part of the bio wastes are reprocessed for use as fertilizer, there is bound to be a considerable amount leftover that can be burned for energy, especially with the fact that the projected output of biomass fuel is , which would be about of an HC’s energy need. While biomass does produce as much as CO2 the use of fossil fuel, if the biomass emissions is not released into the atmosphere but rather recycled in the production of crops it would have a net emissions of zero.

HC Biomass Energy Production Data-

MSW Content
This table is a breakdown of typical solid waste, (everyday garbage), used in the calculations above. (Total excludes the “yard” wastes).

Metric Imperial

HC Municipal Solid Waste Breakdown May 28, 2008