HC Economy

The NJK "Currency"
In order to "ensure availability" and "maintain equality" in the distribution of both the goods and services, the NJK will be using an electronic "currency" system. It will resemble a debit card system with the difference being that it will not be "withdrawals/deduction of cash" from an account that will be made but a "subtraction of resource shares." For example, if someone acquires a set of ovenware, it will be the sum total of all the resources that went into making this ovenware set that will be subtracted from the person's pre-allotted shares and totals. These resources will include:

(1) Material Resources- the amount of material needed
(2) Energy Resources- the energy consumed
(3) Human Labor Time- the length of time it took someone to make the item
(4) Human Labor Effort- the amount of energy exerted (i.e., calories expended)
Taking into account these resource expenditures will provide an accurate "value" for all items produced and also ensure that everyone has an equal amount of these resources available to him or her. An electronic debit card system similar to the one presently used for debit or credit card ATM-type withdrawals, along a with quick and discreet validation system (like Speedpass on e.g. watches) will be used in making acquisitions and the "resources used" information for each item produced will have been electronically recorded in, e.g., the item's UPC bar code or smart label, if and when applicable.
The Sword of the Lord with an Electronic Edge

May 28, 2008