HC Service Force

"Work" Paradigm Shift
A significant change in thinking that will result from the HC economic system is the way that a slowdown in production is viewed. Such a slowdown is considered a tragedy in the world’s economic view as it results in the loss of jobs, lower currency value and even a recession.

In the NJK economy such a state of "business affairs" will not be feared or even shunned, for it will indicate that (1) the needs of everyone in relation to that economic sector (e.g. automobile, or household appliances manufacturing) has been fully met and (2) those involved in this slowdown now have free and leisure time on their hands. This would be greatly welcomed by almost anyone but it should be even more appreciated by 'born from above' Christians seeking to fulfill the Gospel Commission (Mt. 28:19, 20, (Mk. 16:15). While under the existing world economic systems, such endeavors would be very difficult to accomplish as the one "unemployed" would have to be seeking or training for another job in order to stay "afloat" (e.g. meet mortgagedues, make car payments, provide food for the family). In the NJK economy where one will not be "working for a living" to start with, such a situation will not be an adverse factor. The planned missionary type activities are further discussed in the HC Ministry section. (cf. here).

HC Serviceday
The NJK-HC Economy will allow for a person's "servicedays" (i.e., workdays) to be much shorter than what is typical in the world today. If a normal/typical workday today is considered to be 8.00 hours, it has been calculated that the average HC serviceday will only need to be hours. This is calculated from a comparative analysis of the 2003 labor statistics data of the comprehensive economy of the United States of America (350 industries, 700+ different occupations). [source files]. The main reason for the reduction in HC workday hours is due to the fact that everyone will be evenly involved in the workforce. This means that the following adjustment have been made to maximize the statistics of the U.S. labor force to its full potential:

From the proportional totals of those in the U.S. Economy who are in the HC work age range of - (i.e., after complete educational years):

On the other hand disadvantaging adjustments were also made to: Additionally, not all jobs in the U.S. economy will not be as needed in the HC economy and vice versa. Some occupations will exist or be needed at all. Therefore adjustment to the totals of workers needed were made to each occupation. (This list shows the occupations of (HC) need or less). It was also generally considered that the HC economy, due mainly to its needs-base platform and common-goods-where-applicable nature will need only to be functions at about of the full U.S. economy. That is because the less sectarian an economy is (i.e., unified and not separated simply by a difference of views) the less similar jobs have to be duplicated or underused.

This all therefore means that unlike in an individualistic, Capitalistic economy where a "slow-down" in production (e.g., a recession), which is actually an expression of the market that most people have all that they really need (or can afford), is deemed as catastrophic and leads to encouraged overcomsumption, "throwaways" and wasteful, needless spending, a slowdown in production in the NJk economy will equally lead to increased leisure time for all without adverse economic effects and without reducing the quality of goods and services produced and available. Much of this will be simply ensured by the overall cooperative nature of the NJK system where peaks in industry, goods and service will be reached much faster than in the redundant, deliberately slowed capitalistic system.

All of these factors produce the results found in this table.

HC Service Schedule
To get the full benefits of the HC serviceday of only hours per day. An HC weekly Service Schedule (i.e., Work Schedule) having applicable days (i.e., not including weekends), will consist of full servicedays of hours each and days off and Friday being an every other week, half day serviceday hrs. This will reduce the now evitable stress of going to "work" everyday. (Not that HC service/work environment will be particularly stressful, it is just that the responsibility inherent in work itself of optimal performance and maximal production are naturally stressful). This concatenated service schedule will total only days a year per person. It will help to reduce the need of resources and services and the wear on goods and products that have to be expended in order to fully support a person going to work on a daily basis such as commuting transportation, portable goods items.

Double Majors
With all of this extra time off from service duties and in order to keep this service force/economic method stable, HC-NJK citizen will be encouraged, when possible, to learn a second profession, either less or more difficult than the current professional academic degree or occupation they already have.

Intermediary Work
In every economy there are indeed some jobs that do not really require a formal, intellectual education. These jobs are considered to be "menial" and are really not sought after as a career. In the NJK Economy, the types of jobs will be filled, temporarily, by working age students who have not yet completed their degree. Because all schooling in the NJK is free, and because a complete formal education is a requirement, then no one will have to spend an entire working career in these jobs.

Fusing, Not Splitting, the Nucleus

     It is rightly realized by many that the underlying cause of most of the problems that exist in society today have their roots in the break up of the nuclear family. Interestingly enough, an interesting comparison can be made with the far reaching impact that the nuclear family does have on society with nuclear energy. Arguably the greatest demonstration of nuclear energy is in the explosion of a nuclear bomb. It is amazing how much power and energy can be obtain from affecting such a microscopic, yet indispensable component.
     As there are two ways of producing nuclear energy: fission and fusion, there are also to ways that a society can be impacted: either by destroying it or building it up. In a fission process the a nucleus of an atom is split into smaller units by it being bombarded with a neutron. In a fusion process, separate atomic units are joined together to form one unit. Similarly by the breaking up of the (relatively speaking) smaller nuclear family unit, society is greatly impacted for the worse. But by the bonding of the nuclear family, as in a fusion process, society is greatly impacted for the good. Interestingly enough, as it is easier to do wrong than good, the fission process is much more easily and more readily performed than the fusion process. That is why initial nuclear weapons where of the fission type. Fusion weapons require much more work as well as the continual replenishment of their fuel. However, it is the fusion process that is the more efficient of the two and also has the greater energy yield. (It is with this process that the sun produces its energy). So, in keeping with the analogy here, the fusion of the family similarly has the greater potential for producing positive energy and impact to today's society (by causing massive destruction to evil).
     The New Jerusalem Kingdom understands the great value of a strong nuclear family unit and its reduced serviceday and service schedule plan is highly influenced by the need to provide the much needed ingredient in the making of a strong nuclear family: time. Its overall serviceforce plan will allow NJK families to spend quality time together and to daily grow ever stronger.

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January 17, 2009