HC Economy

Material and Waste Reduction
Since the NJK economy will be a “needs base” economy, it will seek to only use up resources as it is necessary to meet various needs. In this sense, it will seek to lessen material needs and reduce material wastes to zero. Two of the ways it will do this is through what will be known as the “HC Commons,” and through thorough Materials Recycling.

HC Commons
The HC Commons refer to a system of lending shops. This shops located throughout the HC will make available "task need" items. These are items that one doesn’t use on an daily basis but are only need when a preplanned task has to be performed. These are most found under the category of tools (garden tools, repair tools, etc). Rather than, for example, one person owning e.g., a set of power tools which, if it is only used 20 days in the year, would sit unused for over 94% of the time, such power tools would be available at HC Commons shops to be borrowed when they are needed. For power tools alone, this could potentially represent a reduction of over 18 times in the amount of materials needed/used to fulfill this need. This method of common/shared resources also means that people can more readily be supplied with the latest and therefore best equipment as it will be much easier, less costly and less wasteful to replaced old technologies with new one. Such savings inevitably also leads to considerable savings in other related areas such as energy consumption, materials used, human resources, etc.

Another example would be in the lawn care sector where a city wide HC Commons service could be provided to meet this need.

Commons Technologies
The HC Commons system also extends to technology, particularly in the media sector such as computing, film & movie. The HC plans to implement a city wide high speed computer/media network which will allow for the sharing u of HC developed software and other media. This would eliminate the need for resources to have e.g., VCR’s, computer software packages, etc. Some of the technologies that will be used, adapted and/or developed to fit in with the HC/NJK Economy are discussed in greater detail in this section. January 17, 2009