HC Costs

Costs per Capita
Calculations for the costs of building an HC based on the costs of purcuring raw materials is around USD per capita. However, for reasons of fairness to a global population base, this cost per person has to take into consideration factors that are present in each person's life and local economy. These factors namely are the number of children in a household (i.e., people under 21 years of age), and also the dollar equivalence of the average cost stated here in their local economy.

For starters, based on the household size criteria, the total HC costs is divided only among people who are 21 years of age and older. Therefore this cost per adult is around . This means that households that have more children will not have a greater financial burden as the costs for children is evenly shared by all adults.

Concerning a household's local economy, while may not be much money for someone living in a prosperous country where the GDP per capita is +$30,000, it would be a virtual sacrifice for someone living in a country with a GDP/capita under $1200. Therefore in order to balance things here, people from countries with higher GDP/capita will be contributing more, in proportion to their country's economic output. It should be said that to make this redistributioion of costs much fairer, each individual household should be contributing according to their actual income figures as people living in a country where the GDP/capita is under $1200 may actually be making 4X that amount, but such parameters have to be factually collected. General GDP/capita figures by country are adequate, and indicative enough, for now.

This all works out to each adult having to contribute around of their countries GDP per capita total. The following tables give a country by country breakdown of the HC Costs figures mentioned here.

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May 28, 2008