HC Bridges

Canal Bridges
The Canal Bridges will each be m ( ft) in length and m ( ft) wide. They will be evenly spaced along the canal’s length at m ( ft) intervals. This means that there will be on average bridges per canal.

Port Bridges
To connect the HC’s Main area to its surrounding Sea-Air Ports there will be a total of sets of two one-direction "Port bridges." The sets will be spaced around the HC’s harbor perimeter at an average distance of km ( mi) apart. The bridges will be permanent floating bridges, built on pontoons, a structural technology that has been proven and is used around the world (see here). They will be about m ( ft) in length and about m ( ft) wide each and having traffic lanes In each directions.

Here is how the HC bridges compare with other major floating bridges.

World Floating Bridges

[Click here to see a satellite photo view of the three floating bridges which cross Lake Washington, USA (depths: avg. 32 m (104 ft); max. 65 m (214 ft)] ( Photo with geographic grids).

Retractable Opening
Each bridge will have a retractable opening at a section of its span, (much like the Evergreen Point bridge’s mid-span (safety) junction -[see the last photo on this web page]), in order to allow for the crossing of HC watercrafts and sea vessels.

World Floating Bridge Photos
Here are various photos of some permanent floating bridges (in Washington State, USA):

Evergreen Point Bridge Photos
Webcam Pictures of Bridges
Murrow & Hadley Bridge, Satellite close up [ w/Geo. grids]
Evergreen Point Bridge Junction close up [ w/Geo. grids]
Hood Canal Bridge [ w/Geo. grids]
May 28, 2008