HC Farming

"On Demand" Crops
To meet the personal preference of HC households and thus accurately plan for a growing season or year, each HC household will actually predetermine what kind and quantity of crops need to be produced. This will be done by them simply “filling out” (similarly to a weekly grocery shopping list) a sample preferred menu of various meals they would like to eat in the coming weeks from (e.g.,) a voluminous online recipe book, and/or personal meals and recipes. A citywide computer program will then, using also other applicable parameters, compute exactly all the resources that will be needed to fully meet all of these selective needs and determine if this is truly economically feasible, and if, for health reasons, normal personal adequate calorific needs are met and maintained. This process takes into account individual physical data and parameters such as age, height, weight vs. ideal (i.e., healthy) weight [the Body Mass Index [BMI]] (see also here), gender, occupation, and regular daily activities, among others. The program can then, if necessary, request adjustments from applicable individuals/households and also determine proper serving sizes. A comparable system/program is seen today in web-based or computer fitness programs that require the input of dietary intakes and physical activities among other things to help the user in getting in shape. In this way, food wastes, along with the wastes of related production resources, will not occur, and also, the growing problem of obesity and unhealthful wastes that are common in many countries and do have significant economic impact (e.g., healthcare, physical performance and even transportation fuel increases) and which are even being explicitly addressed in some countries at the government level, can be minimized, if not entirely avoided. May 28, 2008