HC Agriculture

Farmland Area
One of the most challenging sectors in the HC planning was the space that would be needed for agriculture. Based on data from the U.S. Crop Production (see data in the National Agriculture Statistic Service (NASS) Site) the net ratio of the area of cropland per capita would be about hectares ( acres) per people. This average would only include (1) crops that will be consumed domestically (i.e., non-exports) and (2) crops that support the HC/NJK meat substitutes diet plan. If it is further taken into consideration that the crop yield of an individual U.S. states can be significant higher than the overall national average (see sample chart below), then this area ratio figures drops down by more than half to hectares ( acres) per people.

U.S. Agriculture Record Crop Yields-

With an HC having a population of the reduced yield ratio would still mean that a total area of hectares ( acres) or km2 ( mi2) [ km ( mi) on a side]. The HC’s area would have to be doubled to accommodate this additional space. Rather than using up material to expand the HC’s size, a fraction of this material will instead be used to build agricultural structures that can help increase the yield and production of the available cropland area. These structures would namely be: (1) greenhouses, (2) hydroponic systems, (3) supplemental lighting, and (4) shelving. May 28, 2008